3 effective methods for showcasing your employer brand culture on your own website

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3 effective methods for showcasing your employer brand culture on your own website

Aug 14, 2019 12:00:00 PM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

AdobeStock_175808958Modern focus on promoting a positive employer brand tends to be directed towards social media profiles and platforms. However, for many prospective new employees, the first true engagement with a company’s culture is likely to derive from visiting their website. An attractive and engaging website remains a powerful tool in an employer’s arsenal when it comes to attracting new talent.

The Power of the Careers Site

Where once the focus of the online application process might have been the careers page on your website, nowadays this concept can be broadened by the development of a dedicated careers site. This is the central hub for your company’s recruitment, affording you full control of the process and helping define the image you’re looking to convey.

Invariably, it’s the careers site that candidates will first visit. A site which provides the opportunity to deliver a powerful first impression. Beyond simple jobs ads and application procedures, it offers space and scope to introduce the candidate to additional content that supports the positive employer brand image, from testimonials to invocations of the company ethos, making a compelling case for why you should be applying.

Some of the great examples in the market today, such as Airbnb, offer both an extension of its corporate brand (important for retaining a positive image for those visitors who will not end up working for the company) as well as a clear impression of what working for the company is like. And the type of people they want joining their ‘lifestyle’.

Staff Contributed Blogs

A primary tenets of employer branding is providing a culture where staff feel a sense of belonging. Empowering your employees to share positive stories is often directed towards status updates through social media. However, populating staff-led content on your website shouldn’t be overlooked.

We might consider the company blog as a bit last decade, but correctly managed it provides a hugely valuable outlet.

Encouraging employees to contribute regularly can generate a culture of vibrancy within the business that can operate on a number of levels.

  • Contributions on industry issues shows that you trust your employees levels of expertise and value their opinions enough to publish them under the corporate banner
  • Contributions around ‘out of work’ topics: from employee biographies to stories of fundraising or personal achievements fosters an inclusive culture. You care about the person beyond their job.

Prospective employees visiting the site are immediately being offered an environment of inclusivity, engaging them in the culture of the organisation even before they’ve started their application process.

Brand Promoting Content

It’s worth remembering that your website offers you complete control when it comes to building a positive employer brand. Again, this can be achieved by incorporating an inclusivity into the content used on the site, as well as creative use of video and new media technology.

It’s a chance to blend the corporate nature of the business with the personal side. On the one hand you have space to deliver video presentations that take candidates on the journey from application to successful career. While ‘off-setting’ this with supporting content from throughout the company, creating the rounded view that everyone has bought-in to the company philosophy.


Too many careers sites suffer from being ‘too corporate’, inherently distancing them from candidates and undermining trust. Modern progressive companies, however, use their site to set themselves apart, fostering a positive, welcoming employer brand through their inclusive approach, open engagement and simplicity in navigation and application. Demonstrating a care for their employees, a pride in their image and cultivating a desire in candidates that this is a company worth working for.

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