4 prime examples of talent acquisition at its very best

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4 prime examples of talent acquisition at its very best

Sep 7, 2016 10:15:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

mai-4-prime-examples-of-talent-acquisition-at-its-very-best.jpgYou’ve heard it before – the war for talent is real. Power in the job market continues to shift from employer towards employee due to a fluidity in the market and the UK’s skills shortage. A Hays report (Hays, 2016) found that four out of five employers consider a shortage of suitable job applicants to be their biggest recruiting challenge. This negatively affects their ability to achieve business targets – 31% say they lack the necessary talent to reach objectives.

So how can you win this war and attract the right talent to your business? Some companies have become really creative and put a lot of thought into their employer brand. They have done an excellent job incorporating that into their talent acquisition strategy and are making use of different channels to reach their target audience.

Candidate experience

You want to be creating the best experience for your candidates from the first point of contact all the way through to the final stages and beyond. Regardless of whether you are hiring or rejecting the candidate in the end, you want their experience with you to be positive throughout. Manage their expectations and remain in touch with them, on various channels if they desire. Job applicants are so active on social media these days – negative feedback will spread like wildfire.

Get social

Using social media in your talent acquisition has simply become unavoidable these days. It’s a fabulous way to build your employer brand and showcase job opportunities, your culture and values and what it’s like to work in your company. Be honest and specific in your communication to ensure you are attracting the right people and sift out those who don’t fit your culture. Using multiple channels allows you to reach and engage as many target candidates as possible

Innovative content

There is so much buzz out there today that you need to stand out to win your top talent’s attention. Use different formats like video, blogging or games – depending on what’s most appealing to your target. If your employer brand stories are compelling and engaging, they are likely to be shared helping you to reach even more talent.

Here are four companies that have been thinking outside the box with their talent acquisition strategies.


The global beer giant Heineken has just launched another genius campaign titled “Go Places”. There’s a fun, Dr. Seuss-like video with actual Heineken employees to watch before going into ‘The Interview'. This has potential job applicants answer 12 questions within three to five seconds each. Candidates will end up with a personality profile (based on the Enneagram model) which they need to include in their application together with their LinkedIn profile. It’s fun and engaging and everyone’s already talking about it.

Heineken Go Places The Interview from The Outpost on Vimeo.


Simple and oh-so-effective. Into every pack of furniture sold, Ikea placed hidden job descriptions resulting in 4285 job applications and 280 new hires. Proof that great campaigns needn’t cost a thing.



UPS is a great example both for delivering on candidate experience as well as getting really social. To satisfy their huge hiring needs, the US company has shifted its recruiting strategy to focus on social media platforms like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. They’re doing an awesome job showcasing their employer brand and driving traffic to their careers website. In their videos they showcase different roles at the company and engage different target candidates such as women in transportation.


Are you ready to create some buzz around your employer brand?

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