4 tips for showcasing growth potential for your EB

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4 tips for showcasing growth potential for your EB

Apr 13, 2018 8:53:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

4-tips-for-showcasingWhen potential new recruits check out your credentials as a possible career destination, two questions are likely to be on their mind.

First off, “What’s it like to work there?”. Alongside this, “What kind of growth opportunities are on offer?”. Here’s how to focus on the second one: growth - and how to showcase it in the most effective ways possible...

Tip 1: understand what your audience is looking for

When Gallup examined what different generations are looking for when applying for a job, they found the younger the applicant, the higher they rank growth & development as a priority. It's especially true for Millenials, of whom 60% of this ranked the ‘Opportunity to Learn and Grow’ as extremely important - making this the top feature on their wish-list.

For "Growth”, we’d suggest three areas to focus on:

  • Career progression. Are they going to be forever pigeonholed as the ‘junior sales rep’ - or is there the scope and support to progress up the ladder?

  • Professional development. Are there programmes and processes in place to build on the skills they already have?

  • Personal development. What kind of new experiences are likely to be on offer? Examples might include possible secondment to different branches, flexible working to facilitate a better work/life balance, opportunities to learn new languages - or get involved in some of your corporate social responsibility initiatives. Approaching this laterally can pay dividends. As an example, by showcasing your credentials as a diversity-focused organisation, you could be sending out a useful message to all recruits (not just those from minorities) that you prioritise building a rich and rewarding employee experience.

Your mission? In an ideal world, it’s to showcase all of these growth elements in a compelling way - and across the right channels.

Tip 2: LinkedIn profiles: are they optimised to highlight personal growth?

Those trainees you took on last year have been so busy with career progression, they’ve neglected to keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date. As they progress through your company, encourage your team members to freshen up their profiles to highlight what they’ve been achieving, learning and experiencing. If they can inject personal tidbits and insight into this, then all the better.

As candidates research your company, it’s highly likely that they’ll explore these profiles, so keeping them as up to date as possible is a useful employer branding tactic in itself.

Tip 3: Storytelling goes a long way

Employee stories provide one of the most effective means of showcasing growth opportunities. What I love about the company. What I’ve learned. Where I’ve come from and where I’m going. These can and should be key points to focus on.

And don’t just confine this to a subsection of your Careers page. Social, newsletters, email campaigns - in fact right across the board where you are promoting your employer brand, look for opportunities to integrate employee stories.

Tip 4: Think about the medium

It can be tough to get excited about dry, text-based “employee case studies”. To really make an impact, look closely at video (Oracle showcases a whole series of videos of employees telling their stories).

LinkedIn isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of social brand building. For instance, As TripAdvisor shows us, Instagram can be a fantastic way of enabling employees to tell their stories.

What next?

Any employer can claim that they encourage growth and development. What sets your employer brand apart is your ability to prove that it’s actually happening. The best evidence of this is often your existing employees: through their stories, their online presence and social media interactions, you can really set out your stall as a 'development-friendly' organisation.

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