4 trends that should inform your recruitment strategy in 2018 and beyond

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4 trends that should inform your recruitment strategy in 2018 and beyond

Mar 29, 2018 9:33:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

4-trends-strategy.jpgWhat kind of employee experience are you able to offer candidates in 2018? At Papirfly, we’ve been putting the reported recruitment trends for this year under the spotlight. And while they tend to cover varied aspects of recruitment strategy, they all come back to this fundamental question.

Take a look – and discover how and where your talent strategy might be due a revamp…

Mobile jobs sourcing – and what it means for journey optimisation

The last year or so has seen a number of key tipping points for mobile. In key areas of retail for instance, more orders are now completed via mobile than any other platform. For your candidates, mobile is the norm for pretty much everything.

Just a year ago, Glassdoor was reporting that 45% of employees search for jobs on their mobiles daily. And almost 90% of candidates say that it forms a very important part of the application process.

And given that it’s the vehicle of choice for the candidate journey, it pays to try and make that journey as mobile friendly as possible.

How does your careers page come across on a 5-inch screen? What about the actual job posting? From the application form, through to site navigation, it’s essential that all aspects of the journey is a breeze via mobile.

The need to get social

At least two thirds of candidates are using Social to get insights on what potential employers are really like to work for (i.e. company culture). And don’t assume that LinkedIn should be the only platform on your social radar, as Twitter, Facebook (in addition to the likes of Pinterest and Instagram) can be valuable here, too.

A few pointers to help you make the most of social:

  • Co-opt your employees in your social efforts. Individual employees typically have 4 to 5 times more followers than corporate entities. Multiply this by the number of staff in your business and you realise that there’s a prime opportunity to extend your reach.

  • Include employee generated content as part of your strategy. It’s more likely to be shared.

Remember that candidates are looking for insights – so use social to deliver these in an appealing, relevant way.

Virtual reality enhances the candidate experience

We’re seeing virtual reality in various flavours find its way into the recruitment process – and specifically the candidate experience.

Take the assessment process, for instance. Build a tailored scenario-based series of tests for candidates to take in their own time, and it becomes a so much more convenient (and memorable) alternative to the traditional phone screen or tick-box test.

Likewise, VR can help provide candidates with a real insight into what your organisation is all about. Think in terms of a virtual office tour as a way to attract passive candidates. This could even be adapted or built upon for orientation purposes as part of new recruit onboarding.

Diversity takes centre stage

How can you extend your talent pool? At the same time, how do you improve the candidate experience for as wide a demographic mix as possible? The answer rests with focusing on diversity. In fact, LinkedIn has recently identified diversity as the key trend impacting how recruiters hire in 2018.

You can read more about how to create more diversity in your talent pipeline right here.

Employer Brand brings it all together

Fully optimised, mobile-friendly platforms and marketing assets, a strong social presence, VR-enriched experiences: they can all help improve your recruitment processes. But are you making that process memorable? Don’t overlook the value of employer branding for making a lasting impression!

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