4 Ways a Marketing Log-Jam Can Slow Down Your Next Hiring Round

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4 Ways a Marketing Log-Jam Can Slow Down Your Next Hiring Round

Sep 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Michael Pfeiffer |0 Comment Add Comment

Your organisation has posts to fill – and you have been charged with the task of raising interest and triggering a flurry of applications. So why are your efforts falling flat? Here’s a quick look at how basic marketing failures can very easily hinder the recruitment process and at what you can do to improve matters…

Problem 1: You’re not thinking like a marketer


70% of potential recruits are classed as “passive jobseekers”. They are not desperate for a change, but they will consider the right opportunity if it comes along.

You do not have a captive audience – and it’s your job to capture their imagination. From raising awareness of what you have to offer, through to presenting a compelling and credible.

The fix: The vast majority (86%) of HR managers believe that their job is becoming more like marketing. They’d be right – and this leads to a follow-up concern: you need to make sure that an appropriate share of your firm’s marketing resources is earmarked for HR purposes. Content design, production and distribution: none of this ‘just happens’ – and you’ll need to make it clear to the board that you’ll need the right tools for the job.e value proposition, talent acquisition involves marketing.

Problem 2: There’s no plan

If you only ever give marketing any thought a month or so before each recruitment round, then don’t be surprised if your efforts fall short of what you need.

Companies who win at acquisition and retention all tend to have a solid employer branding strategy in place: a carefully considered, rolling programme designed to establish and cement your value proposition to potential recruits – and to reinforce that proposition in the minds of existing employees.

The fix: be sure to read our blog for plenty of practical hints and tips on how to create and maintain your very own employer brand.

Problem 3: HR-related “stuff” just isn’t getting prioritised

The things you want to achieve (especially when it comes to asset creation) tend to be terminally pushed to the back of the to-do list. Employer branding work only gets looked at when things are quiet on the core product marketing front. What’s more, there simply isn’t the appetite or the budget for outsourcing any of it.

The fix: Ultimately, you need a culture change; in other words, making it clear to the wider organisation that employer branding deserves equal (or similar) billing to other areas of work. There are things you can do on a granular level to encourage this. For instance, does the design department use a planning tool (the likes of Trello or Wrike, for instance)? If so, make full use of it, assigning individual tasks with the deadlines clearly marked!

Problem 4: Sub-standard output, delivered late

It takes an age to complete specific tasks. When the work arrives, there’s a frequent need for revisions, imagery, tone and messaging is garbled – and your entire campaign falls short of what you had in mind.Download: LinkedIn 2018 Global Recruitment Trends

The fix: All great marketing departments work to a playbook – and employer branding is no different. First off, make sure you have a brand portal; a central repository of brand assets for ALL content creators to refer to. From print brochures to LinkedIn posts, it also helps to have the type of specialist templating and creation tools to make the job easier. (Tip: discover how Papirfly can help you with all of this).

Recognising these problems and addressing them should make it a lot easier and quicker to get the results you are looking for.