5 onboarding tools that could help streamline your recruitment efforts

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5 onboarding tools that could help streamline your recruitment efforts

Jun 19, 2019 10:43:00 AM by Sara Naveda |0 Comment Add Comment

onboarding-road-ahead.jpegWhere onboarding is taken seriously, new starters settle in quicker, it takes less time to reach full productivity - and early employee churn is noticeably reduced. In short, everyone feels the benefit.

In our earlier article, we looked at onboarding software and at how it can encourage and improve employee assimilation. Read on for a closer look at various types of onboarding tech and discover the difference it can make to your onboarding efforts and wider recruitment strategy…


When it comes to employee brand building, video is ideal for painting a compelling picture of what your company is all about. Likewise, of the firms that use video for interviewing, 85% declare it a hit - thanks to the time savings and convenience it offers.

Don’t overlook the potential of video post-hire. Dry policy and process manuals can be hard work and often fail to sink in. From training to orientation, video increases the likelihood of key information sticking with new employees. It also helps speed up the process; one recent survey suggests that for 52% of employees, virtual, video-based basic on-boarding can be covered in one day or less.

Interactive tours

You pride yourself on a distinct culture, one-of-a-kind product or service offering and finely tuned work processes. These help your business keep its competitive edge - but there’s just one problem: it’s going to be daunting for a newbie to get to grips with it all! Here, value can be gained from a tailor-made interactive on-boarding programme.

Tools such as Whatfix can help with this. Requiring zero coding skills, the platform helps you to build interactive tours of your products and business applications - as well as on-the-job training tutorials. With everything they need contained in a dedicated web app, it’s easy for employees to get hold of precisely the ‘How to’ guide they are looking for.

E-learning packages

Especially for providers of highly regulated, professional services, it may be necessary for employees to have large quantities of technical information. At the same time, you want this to be tied into your firm’s specific way of doing things.

In these situations, a proprietary information hub can be useful. Get it right and it can combine a wider, industry-focused knowledge centre with a company-specific how-to guide. The likes of eFront can help you with this. Described as a Learning Management System (LMS), it lets you build your very own training and info platform - and put together courses designed for a range of employee profiles.

Engagement app builders

When it comes to employer brand building, a strong company culture provides an invaluable USP. Your distinct culture might have been what attracted candidates to you in the first place. But once they’re actually on board, your way of doing things (and quirks!) may take some getting used to.

A dedicated app can streamline this. Wisp’s onboarding and engagement app is a good example. Fully customisable, it gives you a way to impart your policies in bite-size chunks, share news, chat and increase the bonds between team members.

Employer brand builder

Why do an estimated 31% of employees quit their new job within six months? Often it’s down to an expectation gap: the reality of work didn’t live up to the original employer brand promise.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on message consistency: something that Papirfly is designed to help you deliver. Featuring a user-friendly portal for all your brand assets and guidelines and making it possible to create messages in a jiffy across the Web, social, email and print, it’s exactly what you need to avoid mixed messages!

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