6 common mistakes brands make when creating their recruitment process

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6 common mistakes brands make when creating their recruitment process

May 2, 2019 10:58:00 AM by Sara Naveda |0 Comment Add Comment

6-common-mistakes-827734-edited.jpgDoes it feel as if you’re in a last minute scramble each time you need to fill a position? Is your company among the bulk of businesses struggling to make the hires they need? These are signs that it’s worth going back to the drawing board with your recruitment process.

So where exactly are you going wrong? Take a look at these common errors to see whether any sound familiar…

You’re not anticipating future needs

On the one hand, you don’t want to over-commit to workforce expansion in unpredictable times. But this doesn’t have to mean that you are taken completely unawares every time vacancies arise.

Smart companies keep a close eye on likely future needs. For instance, Deloitte tells us that nearly half of businesses have a system in place for analysing wider business performance, which they then use for predicting future needs.

To get it right, you need to assess your demand-side data (e.g. market predictions and business priorities) along with supply-side data (e.g. looking at natural employee churn). From this, you can get a clearer picture on what roles you’ll need to fill, the number of openings - and when you’ll need them. You can then mould your recruitment process so its better attuned to these organisational needs.

You don’t have a clear picture of who you are trying to recruit

What attributes does a superstar employee have? What are they looking for in a career move? What excites or influences them? Where do they get their intel on jobs? How should you speak to them?

If you can’t answer these questions, then getting the right people - and enough of them - on board is going to be an uphill struggle. Talent personas (fictional representations of your ideal hires) can help you get it right. Read more about them here.

You sound like everyone else

Without employer branding, it’s hard for prospective employees to get a clear picture of who you are, the opportunities you can offer - and why they should consider you over the other organisations out there. For the full lowdown on this, our Complete Employer Brand Checklist has everything you need to know.

You’re giving out confusing brand messages

You already recognise that a strong employer brand is crucial.Trouble is, even with the best intentions, establishing and growing that brand can be hard work. Are you finding it tough to keep the momentum going across the Web, social and print? Do creatives even understand what you’re trying to achieve?

Fortunately, Papirfly can make things easier. This includes the tools you need to put together your own campaigns in a jiffy as well as a portal to stay in control.

Your talent pool is too shallow (and too samey!)

In its 2018 Trends Report, LinkedIn highlighted the dangers of focusing too much on a narrow definition of “cultural fit” at the expense of a diverse workforce. Doing this means that your talent pool becomes needlessly shallow - and you’re missing out on the chance to boost performance and even extend your market reach.

From eliminating insensitive language from your job ads to building inclusivity into your employer brand materials, there’s lots you can do to refocus your employer brand towards greater diversity. Read more about it here.

Recruitment ends at the hire

The new hire has signed up. Job done? Not quite.

Unless you put in some thought and effort into onboarding, there’s a good chance that the new starter will be among the third or so of employees who jump ship within just six months. For more on this, find out how top employers handle onboarding.

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