7 benefits of engaged employees

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7 benefits of engaged employees

Jun 25, 2018 8:46:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

7 benefits of engaged employeesThese are the people who give their best each day. They ‘get’ what your business is trying to achieve - and they’re committed to help you reach it. And chances are, these are the people who are with you for the long haul...

We’re talking (of course) about engaged employees. So if you’re struggling to achieve buy-in for your plans to foster greater engagement in your workplace, try flagging up some of these valuable benefits…

Engaged employees get more done

Gallup found that the most engaged employees are 21% more productive than their less-engaged peers. It seems that if staff understand your mission and feel personally invested in the organisation’s success, they’re much more willing to dig in and cover what needs to be done.

Maintain quality standards

In isolation, a boost in productivity counts for little if your people are turning out slapdash products and services. So here’s some further good news; if employees are engaged, they tend to apply TLC to what they’re doing. The upshot seems to be a smoother workflow accompanied by fewer quality issues.

DDI carried a revealing illustration of this in their Engagement Study. They pointed to an unnamed Fortune 100 company that had brought in a positive employee engagement strategy and managed to slash the quality errors in its products from more than 5,600 to just 52.

Boost your sales and performance

Imagine two sales reps. One is totally on board with your business goals and has put in extra time and effort to really understand the product. The other rep is simply going through the motions… Guess which one is likely to generate the most revenue for your business?

Small wonder that Hay Group found that compared to firms with low engagement levels, highly engaged employees can improve business performance by 30%.

Increase customer loyalty

Morrison Management Specialists tracked a 1% boost in client satisfaction levels for every 2% increase in employee engagement levels.

There appears to be a direct ‘trickle-down’ effect occurring here. Where employees understand and care about the brand they’re representing, this manifests in a stronger ability to engage customers. The net result tends to be higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Come up with new ideas

TalentMap found that of those organisations with the highest levels of employee engagement, 75% also agree that they have built a “culture of innovation”. For those companies with less-engaged workforces, the proportion who agreed with this fell to 53%.

To keep your product offerings fresh and to stay ahead of the competition, it’s definitely worth building the type of environment where employees can contribute new ideas.

Slash your staff attrition rates

High staff turnover doesn’t have to be a fact of life. In fact, the US Work Institute’s study from last year suggested that around three-quarters of the causes of employee departure are preventable.

High levels of engagement and staff retention tend to go hand in hand. If employees are personally invested; if they feel they are developing both personally and professionally and if they consider themselves as making a valuable (and valued!) contribution, these are all good reasons to stick around with you.

Bring new talent on board

Engaged staff can become one of your most valuable weapons in the war for talent. They’re more willing to tell their stories, to recommend you to their peer group and beyond. In short, they’re living proof of your employer brand.

Greater productivity, better quality output, increased revenue and a happier, more settled workforce: engagement results in a more profitable organisation all round.

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