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When a new employee jumps ship in the first few months, it’s so easy to chalk it down as “one of those things”.

But if you take onboarding seriously, you’re 69% more likely to still have that employee on board three years from when they were hired. The moral? Early employee churn doesn’t have to be a fact of life.

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A diversity problem is very much a business problem.

But what happens if many of the brightest and best just aren’t that into you? They take one look at your company and conclude “this isn’t the place for the likes of me”.

Or they make initial enquiries - but thanks to unconscious bias and some clumsy talent management, they don’t progress past the initial paper sift.

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Are your efforts to bring on board the brightest and best talent falling short? Chances are, your strategy is missing something. To help you fill in the gaps, here are three essential elements to give your talent acquisition strategy the boost it needs…

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Application tracking software (ATS) started life as a way to help recruiters sift through huge piles of CVs. These days, it’s much more than that. At its best, ATS can support your candidate sourcing efforts, streamline your wider recruitment process - and even make recruitment more applicant-friendly.

So is ATS for you? We take a look at its capabilities...

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They have the inside track on what it’s like to work for you. They know what a “good fit” looks like. And, chances are, their personal contact list includes lots of potential talent. Want to boost your candidate pool? It’s time to look seriously at former employees…

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Receiving a reported one million resumes for 25,000 jobs each year, recruiters don’t get much bigger than Johnson & Johnson. The global healthcare and pharma giant caught our attention recently, thanks to a range of initiatives geared at improving their talent acquisition process.

So how does Johnson & Johnson do things differently? What can we learn? We take a closer look…

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Is your company one of the 85% of organisations who struggled to find skilled candidates in 2017? If so, here’s a New Year’s resolution for you: it’s time to get strategic with your sourcing efforts.

But what exactly does strategic sourcing look like in 2018? Here’s how to approach it…

Sourcing strategy or sourcing tactics? Top recruiters know the difference…

From the choice of job boards through to knowing how, when and where to push out your social posts, there are countless things you can do to expand candidate visibility. Taken individually, these steps are important (necessary, even). But these are tactics. You still need something to bring them all together: you need a strategy.

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Let's define organisational culture. Organisational culture refers to employees' shared norms and beliefs as well as tangible aspects of the work environment reflecting those values.

Defining your culture can give you a competitive advantage

Your company values shape the perception that current, potential and former employees have about you as an employer and what it's like working for you. You might be missing out on hiring top talent if you are not managing, or promoting, your company culture enough.

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John Wanamaker once famously observed that he was wasting half of his advertising budget - the problem being that he didn’t know which half. Recruitment and HR managers can often be faced with a similar dilemma.

It goes a bit like this… You recognise that a sourcing strategy is key to maintaining a healthy talent pipeline. So you build your strategy: ramping up your employment-focused social media presence, honing your corporate LinkedIn profile and maybe even sending out your people to “soft” networking events (to name just a few).

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The world of Employer Branding is changing fast. What does the future hold? We take a look at some key trends that will shape Employer Branding in 2018.

Consumer and Employer Brand go hand in hand

A strong consumer brand can positively influence your Employer Brand, and vice versa. Successful companies like Google for example have long realised that. Their consumer and Employer Brand go hand in hand - marketing helps talent acquisition.

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