Empowering local teams with tools for EB messaging relevancy

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Empowering local teams with tools for EB messaging relevancy

Dec 20, 2018 12:00:00 PM by Sara Naveda |0 Comment Add Comment

Sensibilities, tastes, customs, culture, expectations: they all vary from region to region - something that all great global brands factor in.

At the same time, For information on what a company is really like to work for, candidates place three times more trust in a company’s employees than in the company itself.


This has important implications for your employer brand messaging: if everything looks and feels like it has emanated from a global HQ (perhaps situated on a whole different continent!), then just how trustworthy is it?AdobeStock_185853717-1

Top employer brands recognise that your people on the ground are often the best people to tailor and deliver the message. Local teams know what’s important to the talent pool - and the best ways to engage them. Getting them directly involved in messaging makes perfect sense.

But all of this gives rise to a problem: how do you equip your local teams with the tools to tailor your message - without losing the essence of your employer brand and without having to rely on costly outside help? Here’s one solution for staying on top…

The problem: channelling a global brand message through local teams

Lack of central visibility.

The plan is to feed through your core campaigns to branch offices for them to work around. But brand guidelines, designs, briefs and other essential assets are siloed and hard to access. Neither you nor the branch managers are 100% sure if they are working from the correct material.

Limited resources.

Thanks in large part to the lack of central visibility, the creation of local branding assets is much more resource-heavy and time consuming than it needs to be. Many of your local branches are lacking the internal resources to handle the task. As a result, it becomes necessary to outsource the work to a creative agency.

A single agency is not enough.

Ideally you would like a single agency to handle all local campaigns (it reduces the risk of inconsistencies, keeps costs to a minimum, it’s quicker and easier to manage). But let’s say you have 50+ localities all in need of content. Even the largest agencies are going to struggle with this; especially if it involves varying language and imagery requirements - along with subtle tonal differences between campaigns.

The head agency has no alternative other than to refer much of the work to third parties for production. This is not something you intended - and it’s not something that your main agency wants, either (they recognise that third parties may leverage themselves into securing more of your work in the future).

The solution: a brand portal

All of these issues with production emanate from that first key problem: the absence of central visibility. Fix this and you can make your local teams self-sufficient. It gives them the ability to tweak campaigns to local sensibilities - without losing sight of your core message.

This is why a brand portal is so useful. Ideally this central hub of guidelines, templates and other assets will be securely accessible by all your people - wherever they happen to be based. As well as covering all of this, Papirfly’s employer brand portal goes one step further - giving your people the toolkit they need to create their own assets - with no specialist knowledge needed. It's just what you need to create compelling local campaigns on time and on message, without racking up costly agency fees.

BP, Citi, Credit Suisse and many more have already tapped into the benefits of the Papirfly portal. To discover how it can transform your local marketing, take a closer look today.