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What's next? Future trends in employer branding

Dec 6, 2017 10:02:00 AM by Phil Owers |1 Comments Add Comment

What's next? future trends in employer brandingThe world of Employer Branding is changing fast. What does the future hold? We take a look at some key trends that will shape Employer Branding in 2018.

Consumer and Employer Brand go hand in hand

A strong consumer brand can positively influence your Employer Brand, and vice versa. Successful companies like Google for example have long realised that. Their consumer and Employer Brand go hand in hand - marketing helps talent acquisition.

Taking this integrated approach to your consumer and Employer Branding will have a positive effect on talent acquisition and engagement as well as the company's image. Besides greater brand awareness, you will also see higher application rates. A study by LinkedIn also found that companies who are uniting their consumer and Employer Brand have seen a 35 percent increase in sales.

We are likely seeing more organisations taking this approach in the future. This means closer co-operation between marketing, sales and HR departments.

A stronger focus on candidate experience

What is the point of building a stronger Employer Brand when the candidate experience during the hiring process is poor? Employer Branding can only really be effective when you put effort into delivering a great candidate experience.

Negative experiences can easily and quickly demolish your reputation as an employer. Candidates are sharing their experience on social media like Facebook or Glassdoor so the effect of poor candidate experience can reach wide and far.

We will therefore be seeing an increased focus on candidate experience.

Artificial Intelligence makes the hiring process more efficient

With Artificial Intelligence, companies can digitise some of their hiring process and make it much more efficient. We are already seeing more and more companies using AI in the first phase of their recruitment process.

Video interviews are gaining popularity, for example. Candidates need to pass the AI screening process before they are invited to an in-person interview. This is a real time-saver.

Employees are brand advocates and key referral sources

The reason why employees will play an increasingly important role as brand advocates and referral sources is simple. Employee advocacy is just a lot more effective than corporate messaging. It is so much more authentic and candidates find it more trustworthy and valuable - they are getting an insider's view on your company.

Moreover, engaging your employees as brand advocates can really increase your reach. An employee will roughly have 10 times more connections than your company has followers.

Your employees are also your best referral source. They bring you access to their network and increase your talent pool. Also, referred employees perform better and stay at their companies for longer. That is why more and more businesses are going to work on their employee referral programs.

Purpose-driven companies have a competitive advantage

It is all about creating a competitive advantage for yourself in today's war for talent. One of the best ways to do this is to attach purpose to your work/organisation. Talent is increasingly looking to work for companies with a purpose, one they can connect and identify with. They want to know that their work has a meaningful impact.

Some easy ways to create purpose at work are to provide personal and professional development for your employees and by providing clarity on how their work positively impacts others.

It's clear that Employer Branding will continue to evolve fast. The coming years will be about delivering a great experience and growing strong relationships with talent. And of course, the future will continue to bring out new tools and technology which will make the hiring process more efficient.



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