Key indicators that your EB strategy needs to invest in technology

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Key indicators that your EB strategy needs to invest in technology

Nov 1, 2018 4:36:21 PM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

Key indicators EB strategy needs technologyIt’s easy to make a strategy look great on paper. But once you start to put it into practice, things can quickly go awry.

All too often, production teams can find themselves overextended - trying to do too much with too little support.

Lack of synergy is another common problem. On the one hand, you want your employer brand to have as strong a presence as possible across multiple channels (and for lots of people to have an input in the production process). It’s just that once you attempt all this, your central message becomes garbled - and no-one seems to be on the same page.

When your workflow reaches a bottleneck - and when the assets that are produced are way below par, it means one thing: you’ve lost control of your employer branding strategy.

So are you in need of a technological helping hand? Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to make a change…

You’re fielding a lot of ‘admin’ questions from your creative team

“Has someone just amended the ‘to-do’ spreadsheet?”, “Are these tone guidelines the right ones?”, “Are the current logo images the ones in the O Drive or the C Drive?”.

On top of being annoying, these types of questions also point to something potentially more damaging to your workflow. They suggest that your team is wasting too much time on searching and querying, leaving them with less time to spend on actual content creation. (They also probably go some way in explaining why work persistently takes longer than expected to land on your desk).

Agencies are constantly letting you down

The whole point of outsourcing was to get better results - and get them quicker than you could have done in-house. In reality, your agencies are landing you with a whole new set of problems: from the use of non-approved fonts that your own people don’t have the license to use - through to the apparent inability of the agency to collaborate effectively with your in-house team without massive confusion.

On top of this, you have a nagging suspicion that a lot of the work you are currently sending off-site could easily be done in-house - if only you had better and easier to use templating and creation tools.

You are thinking of ditching your local campaigns

The original idea was a great one: to get your branch offices to create their own assets, with the very sensible aim of creating a compelling message that’s hyper-relevant to actual and prospective employees in those locations.

It hasn’t quite worked out like that, though. This was supposed to generate campaigns that enhanced your brand with a local twist. Instead, you are getting content which no longer looks or sounds authentic; key information misses the point and your central message is diluted. Instead of strengthening your brand, unless they undergo extensive revisions, these campaigns are in danger of actively damaging it.

You feel like you have lost control of the look and feel of the campaign

From the tone of your career development news feed through to the layout of your banner ads, an endless succession of revisions, versioning issues that have gone unresolved - and creatives adding their own ‘tweaks’: your campaign has changed - and not for the better.

But here’s the good news: that loss of control doesn't have to be terminal. If you want to do more with less, make collaboration easier and supercharge your team’s ability to produce amazing work, the technology is out there to make all of this happen. Speak to Papirfly to get back on track.

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