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May 11, 2018 10:04:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

GDPR - Pick BOn May 25th 2018, a new set of regulations called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in the EU.

Designed to give consumers more control over who has access to their personal data and how that data is used, GDPR is changing the way that businesses collect, store and use information about their customers.

One important change is that businesses will need to receive positive consent to use private data for marketing purposes in the future. This means that customers need to expressly opt-in to being contacted - it’s no longer enough for companies to assume that you want to receive their emails.

Because of this, we have decided to email everyone on our current email list to check again that they are happy to be contacted by our team - that’s probably why you’re reading this post and why you received an email from Papirfly asking you to confirm your preferences.

Reasons To Stay Connected

It goes without saying, we’d love for you to stay connected with Papirfly.

From time to time we may send you marketing communications with details about our services, but we also use our emails to share valuable industry insight and advice.

Just some of the things that email subscribers have to look forward to include:

  • Our analysis-packed LinkedIn Global Recruitment Trends report. We’ve been producing this report for three years at time of writing, and we’ll send this year’s out to subscribers as soon as it’s ready

  • The Papirfly blog is a goldmine of information and leading opinion from throughout our industry. Subscribers are the first to see our new posts

  • Email subscribers are the first to receive our research papers, sharing the results of surveys and interviews with leading figures in the sector

  • Exclusive offers and product launches are shared with our email list. Stay subscribed to be one of the first to hear about changes to the Papirfly lineup

GDPR - How Does It Affect You?

GDPR has been designed to give consumers more control and greater protections in today’s digital world and includes tougher penalties for businesses that leak data and stronger guarantees that your data will be kept secure.

Stronger Consent Rules

Companies need to ensure that users actively and unambiguously opt-in to data collection. This means that long and confusing terms and conditions are out, along with forms that require you to “tick this box to opt out of communications”.

Businesses also won’t be able to sell your data to each other without your permission.

Improved Data Security

GDPR requires every business to train staff on data security and assign officers to safeguard customer data. Businesses must also process data fairly and transparently, only collect and store data for as long as is necessary, and reveal any data breaches as soon as possible.

International Data Protection

GDPR applies to every company that does business in the EU, regardless of whether the subject of the data is an EU citizen. Even businesses based outside of the EU must follow the rules if they process the data of users who live inside the EU.

Controlling Your Data

Consumers will be guaranteed the right to access any personal data that a business holds about them, the right to correct false data, demand that data be erased permanently, and can move their data between providers.

These rules give consumers the power to be forgotten by a business and peace of mind that your data isn’t being stored without your knowledge.


You can find out more about GDPR by visiting the EU GDPR website.

For more information on how Papirfly collects and uses your data, view our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use pages, or simply get in touch through our contact page.

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