Marketing Team Essentials: 10 Must-Have Roles For Your Dream Team

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Marketing Team Essentials: 10 Must-Have Roles For Your Dream Team

Nov 23, 2018 10:50:00 AM by Michael Pfeiffer |0 Comment Add Comment

At heart, the brief for your marketing team is clear: to boost the reach, visibility and reputation of your brand - with the end goal of attracting and keeping valuable customers.


But of course, none of this can be achieved without the right capabilities at your fingertips. Below, we’ve outlined the 10 essential roles that we believe a typical corporate marketing team should have hardwired into it.

Also, notice how we used the word ‘roles’ rather than ‘positions’. There may be scope for combining some of these roles (good news if you want to do more with less!). So read on - and you’ll also find some tips for streamlining your team...

Marketing Strategist

This is the team coach; the leader who has a very firm vision of the brand, its values, what it wants to achieve (and how) - along with the ability to communicate all of this to the team. The strategist should also have a thorough understanding of the audience and buyer journey - as well as the key success metrics for all campaigns.

Project Manager

This is the person with day-to-day responsibility for keeping the plates spinning, making sure that deadlines are met and that all other members of the team have access to the right resources for the job.

Content Specialist

From product descriptions and email through to videos and imagery, this person is your creative lead. Working closely with the strategist, the content specialist sets out what the vision should like on the page.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimisation (SEO) maximises the visibility of your digital content, ensuring that it is easily found in search results. Your SEO specialist devises strategies for the optimisation of all online content and conducts regular SEO audits.

CRO Specialist

Whereas the SEO specialist ensures your content is search engine-friendly, your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) specialist ensures that it is user-friendly. Could web pages be tweaked to encourage more visitors to click the ‘buy’ button? Does the layout make sense? CRO specialists usually have strong design credentials.


With a web developer on hand, you are better able to add to and change web pages, create interactive content and stay on top of technical issues.

Email Marketing/Automation Specialist

If email features heavily in your campaigns (e.g. regular newsletters etc), this person is responsible for matters such as creation, distribution, segmentation and database management.

Social Media Manager

Drives, manages and optimises engagement with your audience via your social media channels.

Paid Ads Manager

For pay-per-click (PPC) and other forms of paid advertising, it’s so easy to blow large chunks of your budget with disappointing returns on investment. This role involves the monitoring, tweaking and updating of paid content promotion to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Events Manager

All roles discussed so far are heavily focused on digital marketing. But of course, from sector-specific conferences through to in-store giveaways, live events can form an extremely powerful element of your marketing strategy. This role concerns ensuring that these events are conducted to maximum effect.

How to Combine Your Roles...

Ten roles do not necessarily require a team of ten people.

The right toolkit can help remove much of the legwork involved in a marketing campaign.

As an illustration, armed with a simple workflow tool (Trello or Wrike, for instance), project management becomes so much smoother, raising the possibility of combining it with a strategist’s job. What’s more, armed with a templating, asset creation and repository stack, ALL team members can potentially become involved in content creation.

Fully equipped, you are better able to ensure all ten bases are covered - without necessarily maxing out your payroll!

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