Number crunching: How brand consistency supports wider business goals

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Number crunching: How brand consistency supports wider business goals

Sep 3, 2019 11:50:00 AM by Michael Pfeiffer |0 Comment Add Comment

The likes of Apple, Starbucks, Nike and Coca-Cola have at least two things in common. The first is obvious: these are all are phenomenally successful global brands. The second is that each of these companies recognise the value of brand consistency - and they work hard to achieve it.

As a marcomms professional, you almost certainly appreciate the value of consistent messaging already. However, when you flag up to those who hold the purse strings the need for better tools and processes to achieve it, a degree of scepticism is only to be expected: “How exactly will this make us money?” “Shouldn’t we just be focused on getting more leads?”.

Here’s the simple truth: that link between brand consistency and business success is no coincidence. One tends to lead to the other. Here’s a closer look at how brand consistency actively drives a healthier bottom line - and makes your business better equipped to achieve its goals.

We want to be more visible

To make that sale, your first job is to get noticed.

On average, it takes 5-7 brand impressions before a customer remembers you. Achieving meaningful visibility is therefore a cumulative process: bit by bit, you eventually register on your customer’s radar.

As a rule, achieving each of those impressions takes up resources, whether it’s via a sponsored digital ad, social post, a print display or a targeted email. So, let’s say your potential customer is first exposed to your brand via a billboard display. Soon after, they see your print ad and later, your Facebook post appears in their feed. Ideally, awareness of your brand is starting to build in that customer’s mind.

But let’s say your message and its presentation differs markedly in each of those impressions. If they fail to gel together, it’s going to be a lot harder for that customer to mentally join the dots between them.

The greater the level of brand consistency, the easier it is to build effective visibility. It generally takes fewer impressions for your message to hit home with your audience - which means achieving your goal while potentially lowering your marketing costs.

We want to retain more customers

Customers themselves increasingly demand consistency from the brands they do business with. When they want certain information about your offerings - or if they have a service query, they might click through to a landing page - but equally, they might head on over to Twitter - or contact the customer service team direct.

Mixed messages across these channels are a turn-off for both new and existing customers. It’s the reason why savvy brands work hard to deliver an omnichannel strategy: in other words, ensuring that whichever ways your customers choose to interact with you, they can do so in a way that’s consistent and that enhances the customer experience.

This type of cross-channel brand consistency has a direct bearing on retention rates: for instance, Aberdeen Group found that organisations that follow this type of strategy retain 89% of customers, compared to 33% of brands with weaker strategies.

We want to do more with less

Especially in areas such as design and Web development, the skills gap is a global phenomenon. When finding talent is tough, the pressure is on to make best use of existing resources.

This is one of the biggest positive side-effects of investing in tools that enable greater brand consistency. A best-in-class solution will make it easier for your employees to create all manner of brand materials - even without specialist technical skills.

Consistent brand presentation has been shown to increase revenue by 23% on average. Beyond this, it has the potential to reduce customer acquisition costs - and help you make best use of your employees: good news for all areas of your business.

Investing in the right tools

Built to work around your business a Papirfly portal is a one-stop-shop where teams can find all the information they need, plus ready-to-use assets and most importantly, templates.

Bespoke templates give your teams everything required to create their own print, digital, social and email marketing campaigns, independently and easily, in any language, in any size, at any time. Quickly and simply, after just 1 hour of training.

Using pre-approved messages and templates agreed at the set-up stage, all ready to go to market, we guarantee each item will remain consistent with no one going 'off-brand', even against the strictest guidelines. This makes it easy for non-specialists to deliver studio standard marketing.

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