Offers aplenty! How brands can boost their chances in the war for talent

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Offers aplenty! How brands can boost their chances in the war for talent

Sep 14, 2016 10:35:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

main-Offers-aplenty.jpgAttracting the best talent can be a tough business. In a landscape where the candidate has control, the top applicants will often be in the enviable position of having a number of different offers on the table.

The question, therefore, is how do you get that candidate to pick your company ahead of the competition?In this article, we’ll focus on the motivators that are likely to encourage a candidate to choose a specific company, and how brands can communicate that they tick these boxes during the recruitment process.

It Ain’t All About the Money

OK, it would be naive to suggest that money plays NO part in the process. Talented people want fair recompense for their abilities. And, as this Glassdoor study demonstrates, it is a factor. But money alone is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH.

Invariably the offers on the table are likely to be pretty comparable when it comes to salary, so the ultimate decision will be made from other determining factors. Indeed, that same Glassdoor study highlights these additional key considerations when it comes to accepting a job offer:

  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Work – Life Balance
  • Location and Commute
  • Company Culture and Values

Ask them what they consider important?

The above are top line stats from a report. But everyone’s different. If you’re acknowledging that they’re considering other offers as well as yours then why not open the discussion to actually find out what their specific motivations are?

It’s how your sales team are closing new business, isn’t it? Understanding and meeting customer needs. In this case, candidate motivations.

It’s a method of reinforcing a positive employer brand. Employees want to feel as though they’re feelings and opinions count. In open discussions, you’re displaying this inclusivity before they’ve even signed on the dotted line.

Encourage them to explore the company culture

A candidate may well have a number of offers to consider, it’s your job to make your proposition the most attractive. If you’re cultivating a positive employer brand it’s likely that the candidate will have done their research in advance. Reviews on Glassdoor and other social media engagement will offer them considerable insight into the type of company you purport to be.

Openness in this regard can reinforce the positive image of your brand. Naturally, positive employee reviews can be a powerful signifier that you’re an organisation worth working for. However, demonstrating that you encourage open views on these channels, and engagement with any critics, can again be a demonstration that you’re a company that values its workers, trusts their insights and is an environment unstifled by overbearing management or secrecy.

How they’re going to help progress the company

The candidate’s talent and success in their role is going to be a driving factor in the progression of the business. Conveying this sentiment offers a number of psychological functions.

It’s showing the candidate the challenges ahead, why it’s important to the company and why they are the perfect person to carry it off. Ticking boxes when it comes to offering stimulating work, demonstrating immediate worth in the employee’s skills, giving them instant sense that they’re needed and belong in the business, while offering insight into their future career progression.

Closing the deal

If this is the candidate you want, then your actions can demonstrate the values upon which your brand is based.

Understanding their needs and reinforcing the positive culture into which they’ll be working can encourage the candidate that you offer the best chance at a happy, successful and progressive career.

Making your proposition the offer they simply can’t refuse.

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