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Modern focus on promoting a positive employer brand tends to be directed towards social media profiles and platforms. However, for many prospective new employees, the first true engagement with a company’s culture is likely to derive from visiting their website. An attractive and engaging website remains a powerful tool in an employer’s arsenal when it comes to attracting new talent.

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The concept of building a customer, or consumer, brand, has been a staple of marketing for generations. Employer brand, on the other hand, is a concept that’s come along much more recently, the idea first coming into the lexicon back in the mid-1990s.

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31% of employers say that they have found it difficult to fill positions because of a shortage of available talent, that’s according to a recent study by employment agency Manpower. The market for top talent is expected to become even more challenging as baby boomers retire en masse over the coming decade. More than ever before it is critical that businesses correctly brand themselves to appeal to the next generation of top performers.

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Almost each and every business now devises and implements an Employer Brand strategy in order to try to eke out a little competitive advantage, but it is hard to know how successful that employer brand strategy is going to be before it’s implemented. It’s an interesting catch 22, and one that will continue to be a challenge for both new Employer Brand strategies and for evolutions to existing ones.

However, there are certain factors that can be highlighted as crucial to the success of the employer brand globally. The factors in this list need to be tabled, considered, discussed and at times actioned to help guarantee the success.

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To formally launch the Papirfly Brand Centre blog, where we will be discussing, exploring and hopefully providing some innovation to all things Employer Branding, Graduate Brand and Brand Activation, we thought it appropriate to start with resetting the employer brand agenda.

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Where onboarding is taken seriously, new starters settle in quicker, it takes less time to reach full productivity - and early employee churn is noticeably reduced. In short, everyone feels the benefit.

In our earlier article, we looked at onboarding software and at how it can encourage and improve employee assimilation. Read on for a closer look at various types of onboarding tech and discover the difference it can make to your onboarding efforts and wider recruitment strategy…

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To win the war for talent, you need to nail the Talent Attraction Lifecycle. The stages which job candidates move through in their ongoing relationship with an organisation are (1) Attraction, (2) Recruitment, (3) Onboarding, (4) Development, (5) Retention, (6) Separation. Every stage is a chance for you to attract, engage and retain talent.

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A greater focus on staff development can result in a ‘win-win’ scenario for your organisation and for your people. From increased staff loyalty and engagement through to boosting your ability to bring on home-grown talent, opening up development opportunities can bring multiple benefits for everyone involved.

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Does it feel as if you’re in a last minute scramble each time you need to fill a position? Is your company among the bulk of businesses struggling to make the hires they need? These are signs that it’s worth going back to the drawing board with your recruitment process.

So where exactly are you going wrong? Take a look at these common errors to see whether any sound familiar…

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With your employer brand affecting your ability to attract and hire the best talent, you want to make sure you're getting it right. Employer branding is an on-going process and you need the right metrics in place to monitor and evaluate your Employer Brand. It allows you to see what works and where you need to improve.

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