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John Wanamaker once famously observed that he was wasting half of his advertising budget - the problem being that he didn’t know which half. Recruitment and HR managers can often be faced with a similar dilemma.

It goes a bit like this… You recognise that a sourcing strategy is key to maintaining a healthy talent pipeline. So you build your strategy: ramping up your employment-focused social media presence, honing your corporate LinkedIn profile and maybe even sending out your people to “soft” networking events (to name just a few).

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In the world of business, knowledge is power. The more you know about performance, key demographics, buying practices and how each shift throughout the course of a year, the better off your company is. Customer brand equity, in a nutshell, covers a customer's overall attitude to your brand and its ability to influence success. Due to this, understanding how to measure customer brand equity in retail provides valuable insights into business performance and how it may set itself up in the long run.

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The world of Employer Branding is changing fast. What does the future hold? We take a look at some key trends that will shape Employer Branding in 2018.

Consumer and Employer Brand go hand in hand

A strong consumer brand can positively influence your Employer Brand, and vice versa. Successful companies like Google for example have long realised that. Their consumer and Employer Brand go hand in hand - marketing helps talent acquisition.

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A solid Employer Branding strategy is a must-have for any organisation hoping to attract the best talent in the market. According to LinkedIn, 72% of hiring leaders agree that Employer Branding has a significant impact on hiring.

With 75% of job seekers considering an employer's brand and values before applying to a job, it is imperative for any business to invest time in developing that brand.

Activating your Employer Brand doesn't have to be a tedious process though. With the right tools and processes, you can transform and streamline your Employer Brand in just weeks.

With our list of five things you could do to better activate your Employer Brand, you will get there in no time.

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Marketing and selling has taken a rather drastic turn in recent years. While advertising online has existed in some shape or form since the 1990s, social media has turned it on its head. Social media serves as an incubator for relationships of all kinds. While initially started for the primary function of connecting with friends, successful businesses fully take advantage of the selling potential found within social media. Known as social selling, the process develops a relationship between the buyer and seller. With so much effort directed towards social selling, how can a more traditional shopper marketing campaign survive? Very easily, to be honest. It just takes some careful planning and proper execution.

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Today's talent is all about working for an employer whose values they can identify with. A company's reputation as a great place to work is a key deciding factor for many jobseekers these days. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition with your unique Employee Value Proposition. What makes your workplace unique and attractive? It helps candidates identify whether they share the same values as you.

So, if you want to stay competitive and continue to attract top talent, there is no way around building and nurturing a strong Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition.

It's never too soon - or too late - to start!

Here are four reasons why NOW is the right time to start executing on your Employer Branding strategy.

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Every marketing campaign has several steps in place to generate leads, grab the attention of customers and make the final pitch for a potential sale. Understanding the importance of every step and how to properly execute each separates businesses with the strongest bottom line from the rest.

If you run a physical brick and mortar facility, in-store marketing makes up a key component to the final step in your marketing campaign. It should function as the closer for the advertising team.
However, before you dive head first into in-store marketing specifics, you need a wider understanding of your marketing strategy and identify how each step leads consumers to your doorstep.

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A strong employer brand attracts strong talent. Companies who want to stay competitive need to really build and foster their image as a great place to work. That's essential not only in attracting but also retaining today's and tomorrow's top talent.

Strong (employer) brands require consistently positive associations inside and outside your organisation. They are built through consistent brand communication and experience.

The question who is best suited to create that brilliant Employer Brand communication?

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Having a strong employer brand is essential for any talent acquisition strategy. It is one of the most valuable assets you have as an organisation. If you want to attract the best talent out there, you need to be perceived as a great place to work.

Naturally, it can feel risky trusting a third party with your employment brand. But engaging an Employer Branding agency can also be beneficial.

We want to discuss both the pros and cons of outsourcing your Employer Branding to an agency and address whether outsourcing might dilute your Employer Brand

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Developing a strong vision helps in so many different ways as you grow your business. It helps establish a blueprint to follow and build upon. With a clear cut vision, your business can establish a much needed identity, which should not waver.

This brand identity should remain consistent throughout the entire company, ranging from the way you present it to clients to market and within the retail store front as well. However, building brand consistency can prove difficult, especially for new companies searching for a foothold and grasping at straws for an audience. Here are several ways brand consistency should feature in your wider retail strategy.

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