The Power of a Brand Portal

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The Power of a Brand Portal

Dec 13, 2018 11:27:00 AM by Michael Pfeiffer |0 Comment Add Comment

In all likelihood, your brand is the most valuable asset your business owns. It’s what makes you visible to the people who matter – including customers, investors and the new talent you want to bring on board. Crucially, it’s what differentiates your offerings from similar propositions on the market - providing an instantly recognisable reflection of your distinct business model.

And just like any other asset, your brand – and its value – deserves to be cherished. As an example, if it came under attack through a ‘passing off’ attempt, you’d no doubt have your legal department on the case pretty quick!

Less direct (but potentially just as damaging) is the risk of brand erosion. It’s where, little by little, your brand loses those elements that make it unique.AdobeStock_182609189-1

Brand presentation is one of the key areas where this is most at risk of happening. The people involved in brand messaging might have their own take on what that message should say. Imagery gets tweaked, the tone alters bit by bit - and before you know it, your brand has morphed into something you definitely didn’t intend.

This is why a brand portal can be such a powerful tool. At heart, a portal provides a central repository of all essential brand building blocks, from tone of voice guidelines, through to source files for the creation of online and offline campaign assets. Here’s how your very own portal can help ensure consistency and prevent brand erosion…

Enabling employee participation

There are some very good reasons for taking an inclusive approach to branding and marketing asset creation by allowing your employees to get involved. This includes employees throughout the organisation (not just the marketing department!).

At a time when corporate marketing budget growth has slowed to its slowest rate in three years, widening the net can help reduce your reliance on outside help, enabling you to do more with less. Research also shows that brand messages are re-shared 24 times more frequently if they come from an employee rather than the company. Customers trust messages from “real people”: a compelling reason to encourage employee advocacy.

A brand portal provides the support your employees need to create their own content, without sacrificing on message consistency or brand erosion. Consisting of easy-to-understand do’s and don’ts, templates for the likes of potted profile articles and social posts and guidelines for video creation, think of it as a ‘safety guide’ to enable your employees to stretch their creative muscles.

Rebranding exercises and campaign launches

When a brand undergoes a major overhaul or is involved in something new, there is plenty of scope for consistency issues to arise. For one thing, these are the times when you are most likely to have external partners involved. Designers and content creators may still be finding their feet and a whole range of errors can creep in, from guesstimating the font size to use, through to getting the technical information wrong in your paid content. Through being able to cross-reference the brand portal, everyone stays on the right track in these crucial early stages.

Quicker sign-off

It isn’t just the asset creators who benefit from having a rulebook to follow. Usually, dedicated brand managers and marketing managers tend to find themselves operating as de facto editors-in-chief: if a problem is discovered once an asset has gone live, it’s on your head!

The portal gives you a powerful tool for cross-checking, enabling you to spot errors with ease, making the whole sign-off process a lot less stressful.

Want to discover what a best-in-class brand portal looks like up-close? Take a closer look today.

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