What is employee onboarding software?

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What is employee onboarding software?

Feb 16, 2018 9:09:00 AM by Phil Owers |0 Comment Add Comment

what-is-onboarding-software.jpgIf employer branding is about presenting a compelling promise to your new recruits, then onboarding should be about delivering on that promise.

Your goal? A seamless transition from recruit, to happy new employee - and (in an ideal world!) right through to star performer.

So how do you achieve it? Our earlier article explained how top recruiters get it right. Here, we’ll explain how the right tech can make the onboarding process as straightforward as possible.

Dedicated onboarding software vs software with strong onboarding credentials

Show your new starter where the kitchen and toilets are - and then hand her the office policy manual. If this is the be-all-and-end-all of your onboarding process, It’s hardly a recipe for building up enthusiasm for the new job!

Software can help you avoid this approach. Choose wisely and it will speed up worker assimilation, both in terms of your business processes - and more importantly, your culture.

Now for some important points to note about the types of onboarding software out there…

HR tools with onboarding capabilities

BambooHR  is a good example. For the hiring stage, it incorporates an applicant tracking system as well as collaboration capabilities to aid with the initial paper sift. It also includes a useful self-onboarding module, helping you build a “warm welcome”, compile information to send to them before their start date and take care of the essential paperwork.

Bridging the gap between the initial hire and in-work success

What do recruitment winners have in common? Here's one thing: they work hard at avoiding “nasty surprises” for new starters. They build a strong brand message before hiring - and they reinforce that message post-hire.

So how do you ensure this consistency of message? Papirfly is designed to make life much easier. For one, the brand portal offers a central hub for all your brand guidelines and assets. Alongside this, social media, print templates, banners and email tools make it easy to craft messages. It’s everything you need to keep it consistent - and keep it compelling.

There’s a further onboarding bonus with this approach. It means that if you are taking on new people in marketing, design or PR, with everything in one place, it’s so much easier for them to hit the ground running.

Easy ways to manage the onboarding process

Some of the best onboarding tools don’t necessarily come with an “onboarding software” label attached.

As a manager, you’ve established each of the stages you’d like to cover as part of the onboarding process. You can’t justify paying for a bells and whistles HR package, but you still need a tool for keeping tabs on that process and making sure everything's covered.

A simple project management platform could fit the bill perfectly (Trello is a good example). Set up a project page, add a card for each onboarding step, copy in the people concerned and tick off each step as it’s done. You can then retain the template for future hires.

Your wider IT estate: always factor in onboarding

Why is the likes of Microsoft Office so popular? In part, it’s because we’re all so familiar with it. Using it is second nature.

It’s something worth bearing in mind when choosing other key business software (data analytics suites and CRM software, for instance).

On purchase, your employees who happen to be there at the time will get the benefit of a full walkthrough. But what about those people who will come on board later? Look carefully at user experience and the gradient of the learning curve: don’t leave your new starters needlessly feeling out of their depth!

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