Supercharge your graduate brand and win the battle for the best graduate talent.

Download our guide on how to amplify your graduate brand while reducing production costs by up to 80%
Supercharge your Graduate Brand

The battle for the best graduate talent is fierce and it's no longer enough to have a marquee brand. To win over today's career savvy, networked and well-informed graduate, your campus team need to out perform the competition at every touchpoint.

For that reason many of the world's elite Employer Brands are turning to Papirfly to;

  • Have everyone, everywhere on brand, all of the time.
  • Save up to 80% on production spend.
  • Reduce asset production from days to minutes.
  • Make real time, on brand social media posts.
  • Empower global Employer Brand delivery.
  • Ensure brand compliance.
  • Enable genuine global collaboration.

To get your graduate brand in the game and hire the very best graduate talent, download Supercharge your Graduate Brand today.

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